6 benefits of blogging for your small business

BLogging has many benefits for small businesses

As a small business you may be wondering what the benefits of blogging are. You may have limited resources and blogging may seem like a waste of your time but trust us, it really is worth the effort! As a free source of marketing, blogging is ideal for small businesses with a whole range of benefits for you to enjoy.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. To boost your small business you will need to share valuable content. Blogging is the perfect way to link potential customers to your website and set your company’s place in the market. With blogs increasing website traffic by up to 6 times, it will be well worth your time to gain exposure for your brand.

Still not fully convinced? Let’s go through six key benefits of blogging for small business.

1) Improve Your SEO Rankings

Search engines prioritise fresh, valuable content over websites which haven’t been updated in years. A blog is the perfect way to keep your website fresh and to branch into topic areas which customers will find valuable. Search engines will reward your efforts by boosting your website up the list of search results.

If you know about search engine optimisation, then you know that keywords play a big role in this. Your articles are the perfect way for you to use relevant keywords which customers will search to find the types of services or products that your business offers. SEO is important for any small business to be seen. Blogging is one way which can help ensure your website is seen by more people.

2) Gain Exposure and Visibility

Adding articles to your website on a regular basis will help your chances of being seen by customers. The more frequently you post articles, the better chances your website has of appearing higher on search engines. Audiences may first find your small business through a blog article rather than your website homepage. Having more articles better increases your chances of your company being noticed.

Blogging also creates opportunities for your audience and other companies to share your content. Get some free marketing by sharing your blog as a link on social media or via email. When another website links to your articles this creates a backlink. These links help boost your SEO efforts as it indicates to search engines that your content is reliable and relevant.

3) Bring More Value to the Customer

Audiences respond better to personable content. If you make the reader feel as though you are talking to them directly, they will have a much better experience with your company than if you talk to them trying to sell them something. People love free things! Give advice, share ideas and information on your blog and customers will become more loyal to your brand.

Think about adding a comments section. By giving their say, customers will feel as if they are being listened to and have input into the business. Not only will it help build relationships with your audience, but you could also get valuable feedback on products or services.

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4) Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

By consistently writing about relevant topics, your small business will be able to assert itself as a leader in the industry. Share your knowledge, expertise and opinions with customers to show that you know what you’re doing. This will help build customer’s confidence in the brand. As a small business, one of your biggest obstacles is making sure that customers are confident in your company to deliver. Make your blog the go-to place for tips or news about the industry and increase your chances of converting leads.

5) Generate Leads and Increase Your Chances of Conversion

The reader may first come to you looking for advice on an industry-specific topic. If they like your content they will keep coming back and could eventually go on to become a customer. Whether the reader is in the awareness stage, consideration stage or decision stage, blogs offer small businesses a chance to tap into each. By adding a call-to-action to every blogpost you create, you will be increasing your chances of converting the reader to a lead.

6) Give Your Company a Voice

Another benefit of blogging is that it can be the place to give your small business a voice. Rather than your usual professional style, a blog is the perfect place to show more of your personality as a company. By writing in a more conversational way which suits your audience, your small business will seem personable and the content will resonate more with the reader. As mentioned previously, building relationships with customers is key to any business and a blog is the perfect place to do this.

Blogging Really Will Benefit Your Small Business

As you have read there are many benefits to blogging for your small business. Not only will you boost your SEO and gain exposure, it also helps build relationships with potential customers and increases your chances of converting them into customers. While blogging may take a bit of extra time out of your day, with a robust marketing plan, you will be delivering great, valuable content in no time.

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