The Most Important Twitter Metrics to Track

Twitter has one of the most comprehensive analytics and data capture of any social media platform online. It allows you to carefully measure the performance of your campaigns, understand what’s working (and what isn’t) and adapt your posts accordingly. In this article, we look over the key Twitter metrics to track and highlight those that are most important in adding value to your social media marketing efforts.

Twitter metric categories

When it comes to the key Twitter metrics to track, there are three main categories you need to understand. These are:

  1. Account metrics

    This is the data that applies to your entire Twitter account, your profile and your following. You can access this data by viewing your account analytics from the main Twitter menu once you are logged in to your account.

    Twitter Analytics

  2. Individual tweet metrics

    This is the data that applies to your individual tweets, such as likes, comments, shares, views and engagement rates). You can find this information by clicking the analytic button at the bottom of your individual tweets, or you can set a time period from within Twitter’s analytics dashboard and view the data from multiple tweets.

    Tweet activity metrics

  3. Your Ad metrics

    Also known as paid-for ad metrics, this data applies to promoted tweets and includes things like spend per click, conversion rates and ROI (Return on Investment). You can view this data from within your main Twitter analytics dashboard, or through your Ads Manager system.

For each category of metric in Twitter there are some key data points that you should make sure you are tracking to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Once you understand how and where to view your Twitter data you need to know which is the most valuable Twitter metric to track.

Most important Twitter account metrics to track

  1. Your top tweet

    Each month, Twitter will show you which of your posts was the most successful (i.e. had the most interaction and engagement).

    When it comes to understanding the impact of your tweets and planning future campaigns, it would be fair to say that this metric is one of the most important you have available. Keeping track of which of your top tweets over time will help you to refine your approach and deliver highly valued messages to your audience.
    Top Twitter Metrics to Track

  2. Your followers

    Gaining followers is an important part of any social media profile. Adding audience volumes means your messages will be seen by more people and increases the chances of them being shared and engaged with. If you regularly add links to your website content within your posts then building your followers will increase the opportunity for more traffic to your site.

    A common misconception (with Twitter in particular) is that huge numbers of followers are important. However, you should focus on building a following that is relevant to your content and your business. This will drive engagement and improve the chances of turning you followers into leads and potential customers.

  3. Mentions

    By understanding who and when your profile is being mentioned by other Twitter users is a great way to understand the effectiveness and shareability of your posts. You should also look to connect with an account that has shared your content more than once.

    If you are a large organisation or managing the social profile of a big brand with a huge social following that has regular mentions every day, it is important to keep track of any negative mentions that will help to make improvements to your business.

Most important Individual tweet metrics to track

  1. Engagement

    The engagement metric tells you how may times someone interacted and engaged with your tweet. It is a valuable way of quickly understanding how popular your individual tweets are and whether they are resonating with your audience.

    If you notice that your engagement rates are low it means you need to rethink your post content strategy and come up with different ways of engaging more people.

  2. Twitter Reach & Engagement rate percentage

    The reach and engagement rate percentages let you understand your how many people (those that your posts reached) actually engaged with your post. It is a good way of helping you to understand the effectiveness of your posts. If you are scheduling large quantities of posts regularly this metric is invaluable.

  3. Links clicks

    If you regularly add links to your content you will know that Twitter now automatically converts the links to track engagement. Keeping track of how many people are clicking on them is vital to understanding whether you following find you content relevant or not.

    *If you aren’t utilising links in your social campaigns then you should be. Mix it up with a range of external links to content that you think would be valuable to your following and links that go directly to your site.

Most important Twitter Ad metrics to track

  1. Cost per result (CPR)

    Your CPR metric is vitally important when it comes to paid for posts on Twitter.

    To justify your ad spend and improve your results, you need to know how much each result is costing you and your business.

    The CPR metric tells you an average of how much you pay for each relevant action users take after seeing your ad. So, keep an eye on your ads in real-time and go back over older ads to understand which where the most effective for their money.

  2. Twitter Ad Results

    When you set up an ad campaign on Twitter you are able to set a result parameter. This could be increasing impressions on your post, increasing your following and profile views etc.

    When you set an ad post you should have already decided what you want that post to achieve for you business, so tracking the results is vital. The metric will tell you how successful your campaign has been based on your desired results.

  3. External conversion tracking

    Conversion tracking lets you understand what a user does once they have engaged with your ad. This means that you can learn how effective your campaign is outside of Twitter.

    These metrics are extremely important when it comes to justification of the ad spend. If you are running regular campaigns designed to make your users perform a specific action, for example make an enquiry through your website, you need to know whether you are achieving those goals or not.


Twitter is one of the best social platforms when it comes to metrics and analytics. Understanding your data is extremely important when it comes to building a social profile that has high engagement and high-quality followers. By taking into account these key metrics when measuring and reporting on your Twitter activity will have a positive impact on your overall campaigns.

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