Advantages of building a website with WordPress

At Youbiquity, our favoured website content management system (CMS) is WordPress. That’s not to say that we can’t or won’t build websites for our clients that are looking to use another system – or create a bespoke website altogether (without a CMS), but we strongly encourage those that are unsure about which content management system to use for their website to consider WordPress seriously.

Here’s some of the reasons why.

Ease of deployment for developers

The WordPress platform is built in such a way that it makes it very easy for a developer to build or customise a pre-existing website theme based on simple core code. This means that time that would otherwise be required to build all the functions involved in allowing content to be managed by a user is eliminated (or significantly minimised), saving the developer time and the client money.

There are thousands of pre-built themes that are available, which can either be used ‘out of the box’ or edited and tailored to your specific needs. Developers can quickly and easily adapt an existing theme or build a new theme from scratch.

Ease of management for clients

WordPress allows you to have as little or as much management functionality as you like. Whether you are looking for a website which you don’t need to worry about managing regularly, or you are someone that wants to actively edit, update and build-out your site then the WordPress platform gives you the freedom to make that choice.

You will also have the ability to create multiple logins to your website, allowing each user their own set of privileges and login credentials. This makes it possible for you to restrict access to certain areas where required and still allow your staff and colleagues to login remotely and add and edit content on the site.

Another important point when it comes to ease of management for clients using WordPress is that the editor feature allows you to manage your content without needing to learn or understand a single line of code. Conveniently, you do also have the option to switch from a basic text editor to the HTML editor, should you wish to.

Cost effectiveness

Due to the ease of design and development with WordPress, as well as the ability to maintain and manage your own site once it has been built, costs are kept to a minimum.

You won’t be stung with ongoing ‘editing’ costs from a designer or developer, should you require minimal changes to the content of your site. You can simply login and make those changes yourself.

Upgrade your sites capabilities easily

With WordPress, you can easily add new features to your site using plugins. There is a library of thousands of plugins that can be used within the WordPress environment. These opensource plugins are tested and reviewed independently by users and are easy to switch on and off whenever required.

You can also develop and install your own plugins, or work with a developer to do so. This allows you to build a bespoke theme that can then be bolted-on to with features, as and when you decide you need them.

Great for digital marketing

At a time when the internet is highly competitive in terms of being heard and found, WordPress provides a convenient and very easy way of quickly and efficiently adding new content designed to keep driving people towards your website.

Due to the ease of editing your content, you are ale to adapt your site design in line with your current marketing campaigns. You won’t need to worry about spending thousands of pounds to overhaul the visuals on your site for a specific campaign at one time of year. Instead you can adapt your sites design simply, using the editor and deliver your campaign effectively.

Search engine optimisation

Pre-built or plugged-in search engine optimisation (SEO) features can be used in line with your content to ensure that everything you are adding to your site is optimised to appear in search engine listings. These handy tools allow you to measure the quality and effectiveness of your sites build as well as the content on each page, meaning even a novice can improve their page ranking without needing to spend hundreds of pounds.

Site security

When WordPress was first released, many criticised the security features and this resulted in a lot of bad press for the platform. Since then, WordPress has improved security tenfold, focusing on making the platform more robust and able to withstand an array of security issues as the internet developed.

As long as you use a high-quality web developer, WordPress sites can easily be fortified and secured making the virtually hacker-proof.

Ability to change your designer or developer easily

Due to the popularity and opensource nature of WordPress, there isn’t a reputable web developer out there that won’t be capable of working with the platform. This means that, should you decide to transition from one developer to another, it can be done so with ease.

It is normal that, over time, many different people will work on a single WordPress platform, developing different areas individually; and unlike sites that don’t use a CMS, this won’t cause a problem.

If you are considering investing in a new website or updating your existing site design, we would recommend that you seriously consider the WordPress platform as your CMS.

At Youbiquity, we develop WordPress sites for a range of clients across the UK. We would be more than happy to discuss your project with you and offer our advice on how best to proceed. For more information, visit our WordPress web design services page or contact us today.