Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Updates to Platform

Facebook has begun rolling out its first desktop layout update in five years. Gone are the characteristic blue blocks of colour to make way for a sleek and “simplified” layout. Facebook say this is “to make it easier to find things”.

Facebook outlines new update to platform

To closer fit in line with the design of their mobile app, Facebook have squeezed navigation into a few tabs along the top bar. Making it easier for you to find the elements you’re looking for and to get to them more quickly.

Given the recent issues Facebook has been having with privacy, it comes as no surprise that earlier this year at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened the conference stating that the platform had to change. Perhaps losing the recognisable blue colour is an effort to get away from the ‘old’ Facebook.

As well as this new, white layout, Facebook are working on a dark mode version on both the desktop and mobile app. Dark modes darken the screen, often by changing white pages to black or other dark colours. These modes are used to reduce battery consumption on a device, not to mention saving your eyesight from the strain caused by looking at a bright gadget in low light conditions!

Dark mode used on Facebook

The company is putting greater emphasis on personalisation

Facebook are hoping to make experiences more personalised by downplaying the News Feed. By focusing more on Groups and Events, it now aims to make a personalised feed based on the Groups you’ve joined.

With the greater focus on Groups, this provides an opportunity for businesses to engage better with their customers and followers. By joining Groups relevant to your business, you can find people who are genuinely interested in your area of work and so, you can be more targeted.

The platform is trying to help you engage with more communities and expand your social circles. The new feature ‘Meet New Friends’ connects you with strangers you have something in common with. As well as this, it says that it is offering an easier way to find events near to where you are.

All this comes with another possible update as Facebook confirmed that it is testing hiding Likes, like the recent testing done by Instagram. Rather than showing the number of Likes on a post and listing everyone who has liked the post, it now comes up with “and others”. The company has suggested that it wants to remove Like counts as it focuses more on user wellbeing.

Facebook likes may be changing

It seems that Facebook has now begun rolling out the new design as several users have reported seeing the change. Expect to see the update first-hand very soon!