Snapchat Updates Length of Video Ads

Snapchat has increased the length of video ads to a maximum of three minutes. Previously the app only allowed ten seconds, so this is a big jump up for marketers to exploit.

Before the update, as a way around the ten second stipulation, advertisers would add an option to swipe up to further engage users. Companies had to figure out how to best use the very short window to encourage potential customers to learn more.

Now Snapchat has opened the door for longer video adverts, which are the perfect length for trailers. The platform currently generates millions in ad sales, so it is not surprising that Snapchat is trying to lure companies into advertising through the app.

In this digital world where users’ attention is forever dwindling, audiences still have the option to skip the ads. However with a longer time to capture their attention, marketers now have a better chance to engage with customers.

Even More Opportunities for Marketers

With the longer ads, advertisers can now optimise their bids for views of at least 15 seconds. Snapchat are also targeting users who are more likely to watch videos for a longer period, meaning those who will watch an entire video ad.

New updates to video ads on Snap Originals are coming.

Another announcement was that new content will be added to their line-up of shows on Snap Originals. Targeted at younger audiences, these TV-style shows offer “interactive experiences you can step into and share”, Snap Originals.

Snapchat is also making changes to their only non-skippable ads on the platform. These are six-second adverts that appear within shows. Marketers will now be able to add a swipe up option to these ads, which couldn’t be done before.

When choosing which platforms to market your business, it is always important to consider which ones best target your chosen audience.  Maybe more companies will be adding Snapchat to their digital marketing strategies as the changes come into place.