What’s with All the Hype Around the TikTok App?

TikTok app logo banner

If you haven’t heard of it yet, TikTok is a social media app which seems to have exploded in popularity this past year. And coming out as the fourth most downloaded app of 2019, it’s not something you should ignore.

TikTok is a video app used to create short 3-15 second films which you can then share. Lip-sync, comedy and talent videos are proving to be the most popular content made on the platform. It has many features including filters, hashtags and the ability to search for songs to use in your videos.

Reminiscent to its predecessors Vine and Musical.ly, TikTok appeals to younger demographics across the world. Generation Z are particularly keen on the app, uploading more and more content to it every day.

But why is the TikTok app so popular?

It is easy to use. With all the tools TikTok provides for you, it is very easy to make videos on the platform. Rather than worrying about having high-quality visuals and amazing production values, users create quick media which seem to be whatever the individual wants to do at that given time. Sure, it can often come across as a bit cringey, but the material also lends itself to being very funny as well.

People don’t like missing out. As the big new thing in social media right now, lots of people are going to TikTok to see what it’s all about. With 500 million users today, there is something for everyone on the app. Social media has a way of making you feel part of a community and with the multitude of content generated on the app, you won’t feel left out once you start going down the TikTok rabbit hole.

It fills a gap in the market. One big reason as to why the TikTok app is so popular is because it’s different from other social marketing out there. The algorithm based on what videos you’ve watched compiles a constant feed of content you’ll probably enjoy. With other social media, like Pinterest and Facebook, you have to go out and find the content you want. TikTok brings it to you from the very beginning.

Businesses and TikTok

You might be thinking that TikTok sounds like great fun, but isn’t it just for the kids of today to have a laugh with? We don’t think so.

Sure, the app lends itself to quirky content but some brands are starting to use it to create imaginative content. By using memes, creating challenges and adding some comedy to their branding, businesses are using TikTok in a way that really resonates with audiences, especially younger ones. If you’re worried about your brand coming across as too stuffy, TikTok may be the best place for you to soften your corporate voice.

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