Twitter Updates You’re Likely to See In 2020

Back in November 2019, the Vice President of Design and Research at Twitter shared his list of features he’s “looking forward to in 2020”.

List of Twitter updates coming in 2020

As you can see, Dantley Davis laid out five new updates for Twitter. Though these aren’t technically confirmed, given his position, I think it’s safe to say that we’re likely to see them hitting our accounts in the coming year.

Let’s have a look through what each of them would actually mean for our user experience.

  • Remove me from this conversation

Currently there is no way to remove yourself from a conversation you’re directly mentioned in. Imagine you’ve been tagged in an exchange by spam taggers. It could be a conversation which is malicious in nature, which you wouldn’t want your company to be associated with. But you cannot escape from the conversation however much you may want to. This update would allow you to cleanly detach yourself from the Twitter exchange.

  • Don’t allow retweet of this tweet

Why would you want to stop retweets? Well this option could be particularly useful if you want more direct engagement in the way of replies rather than retweets. Retweets can often move conversations, so this option would be great for those looking to create exchanges and keep them on their profiles. Another use for this update could be to stop things being taken out of context, if what you said was part of a reply or a thread for example.

  • Don’t allow people to mention me without my permission

The reason for this update would be to stop users tagging you in something you don’t want to be associated with. Davis mentions “without my permission” which suggests that you will be asked to authorise a mention before it goes live. Users having issues with abuse and trolls would really benefit from this option.

  • Remove this mention from this conversation

This option is for when you want to remove someone you’ve mentioned in the conversation. The person you tagged may let you know they don’t want to be involved in the conversation, so you can remove them. It could also be used if you mention the wrong account and want to tag the correct account. Still no sign of an edit tool though unfortunately!

  • Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest, or these friends

By being able to pick out who you want to focus on with your tweets, this opens opportunities to target audiences. The update would be particularly useful to small businesses who often find that they’re lost in the tide of tweets going out every minute. It would probably change your strategy around Twitter and how you communicate using the platform.

Our thoughts on these Twitter updates

Many of these options seem to be focusing on reducing spam and making sure that your profile is involved in conversations you want to have. Davis himself said that he wants people to have “healthier conversations on Twitter”.

Tweet explaining reasons for Twitter updates in 2020

Social media has gotten a lot of stick recently about how they tackle online abuse and it seems that Twitter is very conscious of this. Going into 2020, they seem to be looking at ways to improve user experience with conversations, rather than usability or other areas.

Please remember however that these updates were suggested by an employee and not confirmed by Twitter themselves. So time will tell if we ever see them on our timelines.

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Source: SocialMediaToday