Uckfield FM - Radio

Uckfield FM - Radio

Uckfield FM, community radio station bringing news and information to Uckfield and the surrounding areas.

The radio station is operated by a team of volunteers, to help develop and support the local community. It is firmly rooted in the local area and aims to give access to relevant information for all members of the community.

Uckfield FM offer businesses the opportunity to advertise directly to a localised audience through interviews, adverts, events and online listings. There are options to suit every business, in particular those smaller enterprises with limited budget.

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Osteopathy for All - Osteopaths

Osteopathy for All - Osteopaths

Osteopathy for All is a rural osteopathic practice based in East Hoathly, East Sussex.

They pride themselves on providing excellent individualised patient care and are passionate about working with patients to find the right course of treatment to their pain.

The practice offers services for chronic pain, children, wellbeing and more. Alongside delivering safe and effective hands-on gentle osteopathic treatment, they consider the patient’s whole health story and offer advice for self-care to help recovery as quickly as possible.

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Carritech - Telecommunications

Carritech - Telecommunications

Carritech is an international telecommunications company with warehouses based in Lewes, East Sussex and Madrid, Spain.

Telecommunications encompasses a wide range of things, including mobile networks, Wi-Fi, communication systems and radio to name a few. Carritech specialises in the equipment needed to ensure these networks are kept up and running.

Carritech not only offer services that extend the life of existing telecommunication networks, generate maximum revenue and reduce expenses, but they also help organisations meet their environmental goals.

Their commitment to a productive environmental plan is realised through their core business of REUSE/RESELL rather than recycle. Carritech aim to slow the end of life for equipment by continuing to source parts and offer repair and replacement services. They also always use environmentally friendly material for packaging and reuse where possible.

Carritech offers the following services:

  • Product Supply
  • Purchase
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Asset management
  • Technical Support


Product Supply

Carritech supply both brand new and refurbished parts for a wide range of technologies and manufacturers, including Ericsson, Huawei and Siemens to name a few. They have thousands of products in stock and deliver to customers all around the world. With same-day dispatch on many items, they offer very short lead-times.


With ever increasing stock levels, Carritech are always looking to purchase new and used telecommunications equipment. They provide the best price based on market supply and demand, and arrange collection of all equipment that is purchased, offering a hassle-free way of getting rid of unwanted equipment.

Repair & Refurbishment

With their environmental impact in mind, Carritech offer repairs and replacements on a range of faulty equipment. They maintain existing equipment to ensure its longevity in telecommunication networks. Repairing faulty equipment reduces the impact on the planet caused by manufacturing new products.

Asset Management

Carritech offer a comprehensive asset management service for surplus parts. Most telecom companies will directly dispose of excess equipment, which means they lose out on potential income. Carritech will collect, inventory, market and sell excess equipment and provides a revenue stream aimed at achieving the most value from unwanted equipment.

Technical Support

Maintaining legacy equipment in telecommunication networks is a costly business for most. Manufacturers regularly pressure to upgrade and replace technology. In most cases, the technology is still capable of coping with the demand of the network and so there is no beneficial reason to upgrade. This service allows Carritech to support networks, source spare parts and upgrade parts.

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Mothering Mojo - Doula

Mothering Mojo - Doula

Mothering Mojo is a Doula, Yoga Instructor, Antenatal Teacher and Spokesperson who supports mothers and their partners from early pregnancy through to birth and postnatal recovery.

Trudi Dawson, also known as Mothering Mojo, provides all-round holistic care for mothers during pregnancy and the perinatal period via research-based education, relaxing yoga, mindfulness techniques and practical postnatal help.

Her goal is to help mothers find their own mojo – their unique style, their confidence and their ability to truly thrive in motherhood and beyond.

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Jamie's Farm - Charity

Jamie's Farm - Charity

Jamie’s Farm is a charity that uniquely combines farming, family and therapy into a five-day residential for disadvantaged young people in England and Wales.

The support they provide is for 11-16 year olds from economically deprived backgrounds, helping those struggling with poor behaviour, a lack of engagement at school, low mental wellbeing and self-esteem, and undeveloped life skills.

With farms in Bath, Hereford, Monmouth and London Waterloo, their newest farm in Lewes has been in operation since April 2019. The Lewes farm is in a beautiful location, situated in the South Downs countryside, opening opportunities for disadvantaged young people to take part in a variety of activities and experiences.

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Chloe Ward-Smith - Illustrator & Textile Designer

Chloe Ward-Smith - Illustrator & Textile Designer

Chloe Ward-Smith is a freelance Illustrator and Designer based in Brighton, East Sussex.

Having a background in Fine Art and the Fashion industry, Chloe has turned her passion for drawing into a business.

Chloe works with a range of media for a variety of clients, always exhibiting attention to detail and an innate talent for rendering surfaces. She loves storytelling and her illustrations are unique, quirky and fun.

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Stones Throw - Community Working

Stones Throw - Community Working

Stones Throw offer flexible desk space in a shared office in Crowborough – with simple, monthly plans that suit your business.

Stones Throw have created a local, convenient work space for the Crowborough community with access to key transport links and which is easily accessible for those who live in Uckfield, Heathfield or the surrounding villages.

They offer all the benefits of local working without the long-term commitment of an office. There are options to suit you with a monthly fee, and with no sign up or membership fee and utilities included plus no long-term contract – what’s not to love!

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