Refined brand design with your business and audience in mind.

There is more to powerful branding than just a nice logo.

We work with you to understand your business, your industry, your goals and most importantly your audience, to establish bespoke branding that stands out from the crowd and delivers continuity across multiple platforms.

Our branding service follows a methodical approach and delivers the full spectrum of brand elements and assets that you can use to build the foundations of your business.

1. Initial discussion

A key part of brand development is creative discussion both with our clients and between our staff managing your project. By ensuring that we understand your business, who your competitors are, your target audience and your objectives, we craft initial ideas that have purpose and relevance for your business and audience.

2. Idea building

We use fonts, colour schemes and logo trials to build out the initial ideas into tangible concepts that can be tested by both our clients and through research panels, where required. Sketches and preliminary drafts will give a clear vision of your brand and allow you the opportunity to have input along the journey towards final brand development.

3. Asset development

There is a lot more to first-class branding than just logo design. We understand that your brand will be reflected across multiple print and digital channels, so where necessary, we develop brand assets that can be used across multiple platforms. We make sure you have everything you need without having to worry about reformatting files.

4. Brand guidelines

Once your branding has been approved, we put everything together into a brand guidelines pack. These packs are used both as a reference point for your management teams as well as third-party designers, to ensure that all communication materials meet your strict guidelines. These packs also include all assets in various formats for implementation across all channels.