Understand your data. Improve your business.

Data recording

We set up everything you need to be able to automatically track your website data and capture vital information about your audience. Using specialist techniques, we work with our clients to understand what they want to know, and what is important to understand for their brand’s development. Then, we track this data and set up reports to give you real-time updates on your marketing efforts.


By monitoring and creating clear reports that represent your data visually, you will see trends and patterns in your user’s behaviour. From that, you can make decisions about the best strategies to implement that will encourage lead generation, time on site, pages visited and sales made. We understand data can be daunting; our reports represent data clearly and in the most digestible way.

Analysis and direction

We believe that data is only as powerful as your understanding of it. By working with you to understand your goals, we can not only record your data and develop your reports, but also analyse the data for you to advise on the best way forward. We track targets and understand areas of strength and weakness and advise you on how to improve them.