Email customers. Drive leads.

Planning and strategy

Before sending any emails, it is vital that you understand exactly who it is that is in your database. Understanding your audience allows you to segment and separate your mailing lists into relevant sub-lists for the most effective communications. We help you to deliver your brand message with both personalised and automated strategies that will encourage customers along their sales journey.

Design and HTML coding

All of our emails are designed and planned to have the highest possible impact and driving customer interaction, while being functional across multiple devices. We use the latest email marketing tools to test the designs and make sure your customers will always have a positive experience of your brand, no matter how they choose to digest your messages.

Personalisation & refinement

We ensure that we constantly reassess your contact lists to personalise and refine your data. This means that as emails go out, we learn from them and use the knowledge to have a positive effect on the next send. This evolutionary approach ensures minimised email opt-outs and increased user engagement.

Sending and monitoring

We can manage and send all of your emails for you. When doing so, we monitor analytics from the campaign to ensure that the email is reaching everyone that it is intended to and that any issues that are identified are rectified for future campaigns.


We will follow the progress of your email campaigns and deliver ongoing reports to clearly show you the effects your campaign is having on your wider reach. We use data from across your digital landscape to highlight areas of strength and further improvement.