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We designed and currently host the Charlotte Walker Osteopathy website.

Charlotte Walker is a registered Osteopath, she provides a holistic and individualised approach to pain recovery.

Your body is a phenomenal self-regulating organism. It is continually responding and adapting to the pressures placed upon it both mentally and physically. Despite the stresses and strains that life throws at it, it will always try to find its way back to health and ease. Even pain and tension, although seemingly negative, are the body’s attempt to help itself.

Having established the cause of the symptoms, the next step is to identify what is preventing the body from accessing this inherent healing wisdom to find its way back to health. These barriers may be physical or psychological, or both. Charlotte is a registered osteopath, somatic experiencing (SE) and SIRPA trained practitioner.

We crafted, designed, and now host Charlotte’s professional Osteopathy website, listing her information, services and treatment options.

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