PPC Agency (Pay Per Click)

We are a PPC agency that offers pay-per-click campaign management services to help drive traffic toward your website.

Whether you need help with planning, building, or analysing your pay-per-click campaign – we can help.

Deliver ads to the right people, at the right times, on the right platforms.

If you are looking for a PPC agency that can help you with a PPC strategy that combines captivating content with careful budgeting – you’re in the right place.

Our approach to Pay-per-click services combines careful research and planning with creative content to engage your audiences.

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising can be used to attract highly relevant traffic to your website and help you to generate more leads and in turn, boost your sales.

There is no denying that competition is extremely fierce in the world of paid-for advertising (both on and offline) so having an agency to manage it for you may be the answer.

We work with you to fully understand your business and your goals before we place any adverts on your behalf.

Our team will forecast the number of clicks you should expect for your budget and provide a fully managed ongoing service. This includes filtering, A/B testing, and reporting on all ads placed.

Auditing & Objectives

We understand that every business is different and your pay-per-click strategy may not be the same as others.

We take the time to analyse your existing PPC campaigns effectiveness, exploring what is working and what isn’t, before advising on the best plan going forward to achieve your goals.

Our Audit specialists will work with you to understand your business, highlight its strengths and help you to understand how PPC works and how you can improve.

Competitor Analysis

Our team is able to identify your competitor’s strength in PPC marketing compared to yours.

We use various tools to understand what your competitors are using to market their service through PPC campaigns.

From this information, we can establish what is working for them and advise you on areas to focus your attention.


Our team can help to establish a suitable budget that is both reasonable for the campaign and realistic for your business.

We understand that there are various factors which contribute to the budget a business can afford to spend on marketing.

Our team will work alongside you to create a budget which works for your business and covers the key areas needed for your campaign.


We will build your PPC strategy with you, helping you to understand each point along the way.

Using all of our research data, we put everything together and draft a strategy that has the success of your business and the needs of your audience clearly defined.

We will guide you through the strategy and (should you require it) produce the work needed to ensure the strategy is carried out successfully.

Keywords & Traffic Selection

Each keyword is selected based on your businesses targets and goals.

When it comes to PPC campaigns it is essential that all keywords and traffic sources are carefully selected based on your individual campaign targets and goals.

This avoids any budget wastage and allows more accurate tracking.


We build and create visual content for each keyword to boost the performance of your campaign.

Creating ads with powerful copy and attractive visuals, that grab the user’s attention and drive interaction is crucial to PPC success.

We design highly relevant ads that are refined and tested to ensure the highest ROI as possible.

Scheduling & Management

Our team will organise and schedule your PPC campaign as well as maintain it after launch.

Once all the ads have been designed, keywords and traffic sources selected and we have a well-defined plan of action, we will build and launch your campaign.

If the campaign requires any changes to increase performance we will manage them for you. Any maintenance we provide will be reported back to you.

Analytics & Reporting

We offer ongoing analytics and reporting for your PPC campaign once it goes live.

Once your PPC campaign is live we will continue to provide analytics on each keywords performance.

After the campaign has finished our team will build a full report covering the performance of keywords, landing pages and website traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A PPC campaign is a form of online advertising where the company will pay a fee every time their ad is clicked.

PPC can be performed on several platforms, from search engines, to social media. Google shopping was introduced by Google as a way of transforming search engines into a large online catalog which pulls products from multiple businesses investing in PPC.

Whilst you don’t have to start from scratch, it is a good idea to review the current performance of a campaign to identify any weak areas which require improvement. If a PPC campaign is not generating traffic there may be something wrong with the keywords, the target audience or even the budget.

Our team can help identify where the problems are, and use your original campaign data to build and restructure a new, high performing campaign. 

With more connected devices, personas and customer interactions than ever before, creating an effective PPC campaign that works can be a real challenge. We’re here to guide you.