SEO Agency (Search Engine Optimisation)

We offer Search Engine Optimisation services to help your website appear at the top of search engine rankings.

Our team is on hand to boost your website’s organic traffic and transform your business into a top-ranked website.

Organically place at the top of any search engine using our technical SEO services.

In a world driven by online interaction, a solid SEO strategy is vital to putting your business at the forefront of search traffic. Making it to the first page of Google’s search page is a goal for all businesses and we are here to help make that a reality.

We are an SEO agency here to help you improve your search engine marketing by using a long-term SEO-driven strategy.

Our team will work alongside you to provide an SEO audit of your business. This will help us to identify your businesses SEO strengths and weaknesses, and allow us to build a plan with you going forward.

Using SEO tools that evaluate your web page’s performance, we can show you how each web pages score, and where it is ranking on search engines. This means we can also show you how we have improved each of your pages and how many places it has climbed on the search result ladder.

Auditing & Objectives

We provide SEO audits using a range of SEO tools to monitor the performance of your web pages and identify strengths.

We take the time to analyse your existing web presence and SEO strategy against your sites data.

From that we can quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and begin to build a better understanding of the things you should be considering when it comes to your SEO plan. From this analysis, clear objectives are defined.

Competitor Analysis

We will compare your page SEO to your competitors and identify which areas can be improved upon.

Understanding competitors SEO standings will give us an overview of their areas of strength and weakness compared to your own.

This allows us to advise on how you should concentrate your efforts going forward.

Making small improvements in areas where your competitors are not, can make all the difference.

SEO Strategy

Our experienced SEO team will help you to build an SEO campaign that is suitable for your website.

Using all of our research data, we put everything together and draft a strategy that has the success of your business and the needs of your audience clearly defined.

We will guide you through the strategy and (should you require it) produce the work needed to ensure the strategy is carried out successfully.

Keyword research

Each keyword is selected based on your businesses targets and goals.

Selecting the right keywords that will attract the right people to your website is essential. We can help you to come up with a strategic keyword plan that can be integrated across your website and wider digital marketing channels.

Using specialist tools, we are able to determine the number of searches per month for specific keywords, recommend which you should be focusing on and help you to implement them.

Link building

We ensure every link on your website is optimised to drive traffic to the desired location.

Link building is one of the most overlooked, but important parts of a successful SEO strategy. We use refined tactics to create relevant and shareable content.

By doing so, your authority ranking will increase and so too will your traffic. Links to your site from other high-ranking sites tells Google that your content is important.

Reporting & Analysis

We will build a report to show the SEO performance across the website to help you see how each change has affected your organic views.

We make your SEO data clear and easy to understand by regularly reporting on the status of each area of your strategy.

Not only will this give you a better understanding of how your strategy is working, it will give you the information you need to make improvements in other areas that will improve your online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the act of optimising your website to rank your pages highly on search engines organically (without needing to pay for positioning).

When a search engine is evaluating your website, there is a certain criteria that your page has to meet. Many factors are taken into account from keywords used, to word count and even the length of each sentence and paragraph.

To find out more about SEO and to read our full breakdown on each criteria, you can read our blog here.

Many people come to us asking for SEO and PPC services without understanding what they actually are. Everyone wants to be at the top of Google’s search results but not many know how to get there.

The key difference between SEO and PPC services is that SEO is completely organic – meaning you don’t have to pay. Whereas PPC requires you to pay a fee every time somebody clicks on your ad. However the processes themselves are also different and although the goal for each is to reach the top spot on a search engine, they often achieve varying outcomes. 

You can read in to detail about the differences and how we can help you utilize both methods to their full potential in our blog.