Website Hosting Services

We offer full website hosting services, including managed services – with the added benefit of a dedicated account manager and daily back-ups as standard.

Our servers are managed locally by our team, giving you the support and peace of mind you need from your host, in a localised way.

Website Hosting in Sussex

Whether you are looking to host your existing site on a robust, fast and secure server which is managed and maintained; or you need space to launch your new site online, we can help.

We deliver professional web hosting packages for a range of client applications.

Our server is maintained and managed in-house. This enables us to offer a level of service that equals larger hosting companies, whilst also providing one-to-one customer support.

Our services are fully bespoke. We can offer hands-off platforming that will allow you to take control of your site files or we can manage everything for you.

Secure Servers

Our servers are secured and monitored by a multi-layered web server security platform.

The web server security platform stops brute-force attacks at both network and HTTP levels; vulnerability exploitation, including 0-day attacks; DoS (denial of service); port scanning; and many others.

Daily Backups

All of our websites are backed up daily, as standard.

Should you make an error on your site or need to revert to a previous version for any reason, we will do so without charge.

Site Support

Call upon our services whenever you want to make changes to your website or need any advice before you make your own changes.

SSL Certification

We have a range of SSL certificates that can be assigned to your hosting plan. This will ensure that your website is marked as secure and will not show security warnings to your users.

The SSL certificate serves as an authentication tool for a website and establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser that protects your data.

SSL certificates are essential for companies and organisations to secure online transactions and keep customer information private and secure.

Host Management

Our team can take care of your host environment, to ensure that all your packages (such as WordPress or site plugins) are kept up to date and secure.

Our hosting plan includes monthly security and performance checks. Your website’s theme, plugins and WordPress are also being updated on a monthly basis.

Domain Management

Our team can manage your domain, to ensure that your address does not expire as well as manage any DNS changes that you may need to make.

Fully Upgradable

Start with the resources you need and simply let us know when you require more for your service.

We will update your allocated resources to ensure your web space grows with your business and you never pay for more than you need.

Management Team

Our team manage our server locally. This means that we can make changes and provide a one-to-one level of customer service for our customers, rather than outsourcing to larger call-centres!

You don’t have to wait hours or even minutes for technical support to pick up. You can be sure that we will do our best to solve your issue in a prompt manner.

Access and manage your web-space via our control panel

Whether you are looking for a simple portfolio site or a full e-commerce store to sell your products online – we can help.

We own our own dedicated web servers that allow us to manage your site on an ongoing basis and take more work off your hands.

Ready To Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is where a provider allocates space for your website on a web server. This space is where your web files such as images, code files, etc. are stored.

These are the costs associated with how much web space you take up. The more space you need for your website, the more costly it will be. Our hosting charges start at as little as £9.99 per month.

We would recommend that you do. For a small fee per month you will own your website domain, meaning that no one else can use it. We can help you to identify a relevant domain that is available and assign it to you.