Take the plunge. Redesign that leads to results.

Redesigning a website might seem like a drastic step, but as businesses evolve and the needs of customers change, sometimes website redesign is the best way forward.

We work with you to understand the things that were and were not working for your existing website, as well as establishing your goals and what you were expecting, before putting together a detailed plan to tackle your website redesign.

We work with you through each step to ensure that you are clear on exactly how and why the redesign will work, before implementing the changes and supporting your business through the transition.

1. Existing website audit

It is important that your existing website is not overlooked in the planning and development of a new site as there may be positive aspects of your existing design that can be carried forward and developed. We audit your existing website to understand exactly where your current design succeeds and fails.

2. Idea building

We use wireframes and interactive mock-ups to build out the initial ideas into tangible concepts that can be tested by both our clients and through research panels, where required. Sketches and preliminary drafts will give a clear vision of your new site and allow you the opportunity to have input along the journey towards final website development.

3. Website build

We understand that your website could be one of the most important platforms for your business and that driving traffic to it is essential for your business to thrive. That's why all of our sites are design to best-practice standards to ensure everything is being done to improve your reach online.

4. Transition

We will help you to make the transition from your old website to your new design and understand that for things to go smoothly you will need to have support along the way.